Home Theatres

Maximum Security Home Theatres

Enjoy a commercial theatre experience in the comfort of your home without the hassle of going out. The high definition video and digital surround sound will have you immersed in the atmosphere of your favorite movie, live concert or sporting event. Weather you want a dedicated screening room or a family room, Maximum Security can transform your environment into the perfect entertainment system.

Maximum Security Home Theatre Brands

Whole House Video

Maximum Security Whole House Video

You don’t have to limit yourself to watching your favorite DVD only to a room with a DVD player. With whole house video there’s no need to buy additional equipment for each room. You can watch it simultaneously on any TV in your house. This also applies to your cable/satellite box, video game consoles or any other video source.

Maximum Security Whole House Video Brands

Distributed Audio

Maximum Security Distributed Audio

Liven up your day with music and have your favorite tunes play in every room in your home. With Distributed audio system you can hear your mp3/CD collection or satellite radio programs no matter where you go through the house and even outdoor areas. You will be able to have control over the volume and the whole audio system from each individual room.

Maximum Security Distributed Audio Brands