Structured Wiring

Maximum Security Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is a whole house wiring system that gives you integrated control of your existing or new communication, entertainment, security and lighting. Maximum Security can prepare your home so you can conveniently take advantage of the newest technologies. Imagine having direct access to things like internet, your music collection, your TV programs in any room of your house at a touch of a button.

Lighting Control

Maximum Security Lighting Control

Have total control of the lighting in your environment. Being for a home or business, lighting control simplifies your tasks by being able to set the desired lighting at a touch of a button or a programmable timer .

Central Vacuum Systems

Maximum Security Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum system is an essential part of keeping your home spotless. It eliminates the need of carrying a vacuum cleaner around your home by having a wall inlet in each room. All you have to do is insert a hose into the wall inlet and you're good to go. You will also benefit from lower noise and much more suction power.