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[FREE Guide] 5 Questions To Ask BEFORE
You Buy A Security System To Avoid Overpaying:

Introducing The Industry’s Most RELIABLE Security System Guaranteed.

Reliable: You can feel the quality of our products when you hold them. They’re made from heavy, durable and high-quality material. Which is why we can GUARANTEE your system is working 24/7/365.
Affordable monthly monitoring rate: When you work with us, you get one of the lowest monthly monitoring rates in the industry.
High-quality customer service: If you ever call us, a human answers within 3 rings. You’ll speak to a friendly & highly trained US-based customer service rep. Someone who knows the ins & outs of the system and your product.

3 Simple Steps To Protect Your Family


Select the security package that fits your needs and customize it.

2 Setup

Receive step-by-step help to set up your system in less than 10 minutes!

3 Relax

Breathe easy knowing your family is safe and protected 24/7/365. Guaranteed.

Lyric Controller

Central Hub for Security and Lifestyle Management

Tired Of Overpriced, Complicated & Unreliable Security Systems?

The Problem With Other Security Systems

Expensive monitoring rates

Overpriced security technology

Hackable cameras and software

Unreliable alarm systems not working

How We Solve Those Problems For You:

No Contracts

Most companies lock you into long-term contracts. With us, you can cancel your monitoring service any time – for any reason – without any additional cost. No small print. No hidden fees.

Customizable Packages

Choose however many door sensors, cameras or smoke detectors your home requires. So you’re protected everywhere, without overpaying for features you won’t need.

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Try us for 30 days RISK-FREE. For whatever reason… 29 days, or 29 minutes from now. Simply return your product and get a full refund. No questions asked.

Did You Know…?

You can save up to 25% on your home insurance by
getting one of our security systems… 
…that means your system can pay for itself in less than 3 years!

Why We’re The #1 Security Choice For Families

Family-friendly technology

Our system and technology is not only extremely secure. It’s also simple to use. So your children are safe and protected when you aren’t home.

Reliable and durable hardware

The one time you need a security system. it better work. When you get a system from us we guarantee it will work 24/7 or we’ll replace it within 24hrs or it’s free.

Easy to install. Easier to manage.

Our systems work straight out of the box. No fussy or confusing tech to deal with. Simply unpack. Mount. And breeze through our 3-step activation system. In fact, whenever we (optionally) install a system – we teach the kids first – and THEY teach the parents.

Plus, When You Get A System From Us… We’re So Confident In Our System’s Reliability:

We GUARANTEE It Works 24/7 …Or We’ll Replace It FREE

The one time you need a security system… it better work.

Which is why we GUARANTEE 24/7 up-time with our unique “self-analyzing” technology:

If there’s any major issue with your system, it will notify us within 2 seconds. So you can rest easy knowing you’re protected 24/7… which is how it should be, right?

Plus, if there’s anything wrong with your system – we will replace it for free up to the first two years of being with us.

What Others Are Saying:

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Mobile Safety

Mobile Safety For Your Customers… Anytime, Anywhere

Group Sharing

Secure is a personal security application that allows your customers to share their position and communicate with friends and family.


Your customers can show their position and send group members a chat message to ‘please follow me’ or ‘keep a watchful eye’

Emergency Alarm

When activated, Seecure creates and notifies a unique alarm group of nearby users, group members and emergency contacts for help.


Seecure+ reports the alarm to the Rapid Response Monitoring Center for professional coordination with emergency responders.

Smart-Home Capabilities

Forget to lock the door? Left the lights on? Forgot to turn the alarm on?

Our smart-home automation system allows you to control your entire security system from your phone. So you can relax if you ever forget something!

Make your house the smart home of the neighborhood with our selection of “smart-products”:

  • Home automation: Control your whole home from your cellphone. Your thermostat, lights and security system can all be controlled by barely moving your thumb.
  • Mobile access & alerts: Receive notifications and access your security system from your mobile device. So if you’re away (at work or on vacation), you can keep an eye on your home and family.
  • Video monitoring & live streaming: View your cameras live so you can check to make sure your kids are safe, or even see who’s at your front door. All in real-time.

Integrates with Apple Home Kit & Siri

“Siri, arm my alarm”…

When you get one of our alarms…

All it takes is one simple voice command and your entire house is protected.

Getting ready for bed?

You can even program your alarm system to turn on “goodnight mode”… where it turns your alarm system on… and turns lights and thermostat down…

Not Only Will Your Family Be Safe When You Get One Of Our Security Systems… They’ll Also Be Protected From:

  • FIRE